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Company profile

Shandong Tongfang Luying Electronic Co., Ltd. is Tongfang Co., Ltd. subsidiary company, is a professional engaged in new high performance electronic components research and development, production and management of high-tech enterprises, with forty years of electronic components manufacturing experience. Leading products include ceramic capacitors, multilayer chip inductors / beads, ceramic substrate three series. Has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system and OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system certification, all products meet the requirements of environmental protection (RoHS).
Company and Tsinghua University new ceramic and fine processing State Key Laboratory of in Tsinghua University established the joint laboratory and test base, and the establishment of the academician workstation high-level R & D platform, relying on Tsinghua University of science and technology and talent advantages, in the development of new materials and components of field formed a group with independent intellectual property rights of the core technology, has undertaken the countries "863 Plan", the Ministry of science and technology innovation fund for small and medium enterprises such as project, and achieved 12 invention patents.
Company is the largest of medium and high voltage and AC safety regulations ceramic capacitor production enterprises, produced using powder, homemade silver sheet and the products of the mode of production, to ensure the quality of the products. AC Safety Capacitance obtained CQC, UL, CSA, VDE eight international safety certification, to obtain the title of the state's key new products, the product is widely used in household appliances, communication equipment, energy saving lamp, switch power supply, electric welder, power supply and electronic equipment.
Company adopts independent research and development of high performance soft magnetic ferrite material and low dielectric constant materials production of multilayer chip inductor / beads and other products, and received the title of national independent innovation products. Products are widely used in digital home appliances, computers, mobile communications and other fields.
New type of microwave dielectric ceramic antenna with independent intellectual property rights of the series of microwave dielectric ceramic materials production, the main technical indicators of the products to reach the international advanced level. Products are widely used in the global satellite positioning and navigation, wireless broadband network and other fields.
In recent years, the rapid growth of the LED market, with the focus on the development of the company to develop LED chip and lighting industry. The company will be the future direction of LED packaging ceramic substrate, focus on training, the goal to become the country's largest production base of LED package substrate.
Will be adhering to the "quality first, innovation and development, people-oriented, and return to the society" business philosophy, to build a first-class new chip components of R & D and production base as the goal, is willing to provide excellent products and perfect service to the customers both at home and abroad.